Blue and White U-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet

June 4, 2013

U-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet

Above U-shaped kitchen cabinet is formed from a L-shaped kitchen with an extra kitchen cabinet at the end of “L”.

This U-shaped kitchen is suitable for condominium and terrace house with middle size of kitchen space. U-shaped kitchen layout is an efficient kitchen designed for one primary cook. Blue and white colour of the kitchen cabinet let us feel bright and calm.

Benefits of this U-shaped kitchen as following;

  1. Efficient for a small, medium or large kitchen space.
  2. Can easily divide the kitchen into multiple work sites.
  3. No through traffic to disrupt work zones.

Source: U-shaped Kitchen Cabinet form

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L-Shaped Kitchen Design with Island

June 4, 2013

Kitchen Cabinet

L-Shaped kitchen cabinet design with a island, above kitchen cabinet design is quite big, this kitchen design is suitable only for semi detached house (Semi-D) and bungalow house with a big kitchen space.

This l-shaped kitchen layout with island is perfect for multiple-chef cooking, entertaining, or for making lunch or dinner while the kids sit at the island and get help with their homework.

The quantity of the kitchen cabinets has formed a big storage space. If storage is what you’re looking for your kitchen, the L-shaped kitchen can be the best option for the maximum amount of wall cabinets.

This l-shaped kitchen design is suitable for big family (6-12 persons), with cooking activity is a every activity. This design also fulfill the need to the housewife like to cook.

Source: L-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet Design with a Island form

White Colour L-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet Layout with Island

February 24, 2013

White Colour L-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet with Island

Above picture is a White Colour L-Shaped Kitchen Design with Island. L-shape Kitchen Layout consists of work space on two adjoining walls perpendicular to each other. In an L-Shape Kitchen Layout, a natural kitchen work triangle is created from continuous counter space and work stations on two adjacent walls. L-shaped kitchen requires less space and offers more flexibility in the location of workstations. An Island has created in this kitchen design. Kitchen Island is a stand alone kitchen compartment, island separate from the main construction area. Kitchen Island is an additional work station and storage cabinets.

White is the color of purity.  White means kindness, in some cultures white is worn at funerals. White daisies are a symbol of loyal love. White is the color of snow, white is often used to represent coolness and simplicity. White’s association with cleanliness and sterility. This is the feeling of White Colour Kitchen Cabinet.

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Small Kitchen Design for Small Condominium in Kuala Lumpur

January 20, 2013

Small Kitchen Design

Above is a small kitchen cabinet design for a small condominium in Kuala Lumpur. This one wall layout kitchen design including based cabinet, wall cabinet and tall cabinet, this layout has form a simple working area for cooking, storage and space for refrigeration. This simple design suitable for single working people or couple or small family with 2-4 people.

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Plan A Small Kitchen

December 30, 2012

Small spaces have challenges all of their own. Ask yourself, is it possible to re-site anything – can the laundry appliances go in the garage, or is there room for a larder elsewhere? Think about extending wall units – go for a pale finish – all the way to the ceiling, storing lesser-used items in the uppermost cupboards.

Space can also be saved with narrow appliances – most of the major manufacturers have a slim-line range. Use plenty of lighting, for example under the wall units or recessed into glazed cupboards, and keep pattern to a minimum. Integrated appliances also streamline the space, as their matching doors create a seamless end result.

Planning A Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen

There’s no denying that size matters but in a small kitchen, performance is all. With some serious planning, ingenious fittings and a design that’s as chic as you like, your new kitchen can be super successful and, as you won’t need many units, you can splash out on quality finishes. To make it work, you’ll need to be flexible so instead of full-size appliances, look out for a scaled down mini-me versions. If you hanker for a larder, go for a skinny pull-out version instead. Choose with care and the perfect kitchen awaits.

Could You Make More Space?

Before you get carried away by the breathtaking designs in brochures or showrooms, work out the shortcomings of your current kitchen and decide what you can change for the better.

  • Could you reconfigure the space, ditch or remove bulky items to another area, double up with a washer dryer instead of two separate appliances, or move the sink to a better position?
  • How about removing a wall to open up the kitchen into an adjacent room, or adding an extension to double your space?
  • On a micro level, simply junking any non-essentials such as that fondue set that’s never seen the light of day will work marvels for storage capacity.
  • A radiator takes up valuable floor space so consider a plinth heater, or underfloor heating instead.


Small Space Kitchen Design Suggestions

October 26, 2012


The kitchen is definitely the heart of the house – playing host to family meals, casual conversations with friends and family, a quiet afternoon tea for one, storage space for décor and accents, art studio for the kids, business center for a burgeoning idea, you name it. In recent years and with the economic shift, many people have downsized and smaller kitchen areas are now a way of life. But don’t fret. There are tons of small space kitchen design ideas and practical solutions to make the most of your kitchen square footage.

Today people are spending valuable time at home and are making it a priority to create comfort spaces that truly suit their lives. Creating a welcome and efficient kitchen space paired with lifestyle comfort that maximizes the entire room is often a priority.

Look and Learn

One great tip to start with when embracing your kitchen space is to simply observe and understand how you and your family really use the space. Some families spend most of their dining and casual time in their kitchen while other families may just eat meals at the kitchen table and use the family room for social gatherings. By evaluating your use of the space, you will get a better idea of how to plan the layout to make the most of the space. Write down your daily kitchen routine for a month. Seeing the day-to-day activities on paper will give you an honest snapshot of how the family uses the kitchen space and how you need it to function – what’s working and what’s not. And while you’re at it, make note of favorite design styles and what makes you feel good when it comes to color, texture and style. These design accents can ultimately add layers to your kitchen space.

Your Kitchen, Your Focal Point

Take a look around your home at the focal points in each room to see how it balances the space. A focal point is the center of the space, the key item that the room works around. For living rooms, it could be the fireplace, for bedrooms it could be a canopy bed. For small kitchens, it’s the typically the entire space. So how do you deal with this – an entire space? Look at your kitchen as one solid unit. Use either a neutral palette or one color throughout your space to keep the eye moving and for the kitchen to feel like one complete unit. One easy solution for creating this look is to make sure your backsplash pattern is uninterrupted and even the outlets fit into the design aesthetic. Make sure they are part of the pattern or color palette and that they fit in rather than stand out and fore the eye to stop on them. Take a look around and make sure the room fits together.

Open Shelving Works

Super-small kitchens can benefit from floating or open shelves. Typically free of hardware and heavy structure – open shelving provides a clean and contemporary look. It encourages the eye to continue all the way to the wall, allowing the space to appear bigger. Of course keeping your dishware and glassware nice and tidy is something you will have to maintain, but this can be considered a positive since an organized and clutter-free kitchen is a small-space tip in its own right. Use one color of dishware and stack them for cohesive look. Add personal items in your kitchen by leaning a frame or signature plate behind the stack of everyday plates or row of glasses.

From glass to wood to cork, there really are a variety of affordable, eco-friendly options for shelving. Solid color and clean lines, like Ikea’s “Lack” shelf are very popular. The Ikea shelf comes in a range of colors and lengths and has a simple yet modern shape. Or try acrylic shelving, it provides floating look that lends to the illusion of a bigger space.

A Kitchen Cabinet Palette

For color, use one neutral hue for the entire space – the kitchen cabinets, hardware, appliances, floor coverings. This creates the appearance of a fluid and balanced space that allows the eye to continue to move around the entire space. Use simple flat cabinets without a lot of detail or replace solid cabinet doors with glass ones –  just make sure the inside of the cabinets are painted the same color as the trim and cabinet exterior. If you are building or renovating, consider adding a soffit or trim and then hanging your cabinets flush so they appear to be receding into the wall instead of sticking out of the wall.  When planning vertical space, remember base cabinets are normally 36 inches tall, countertops are normally 1-1/2 to 2 inches thick and the standard height between the countertop and upper cabinets is 18 inches. If you plan on taking your cabinets up to the ceiling, double check the contour of your ceiling to make sure it is level.

Color Theory 

Kitchen Cabinet

Color can emotionally and physically extend the look of a space. Using color in a kitchen is a perfect way to make you feel a certain way while visually increasing the appearance. Try this color rule – cooler colors, like blues, tend to recede and make a space appear bigger. Warm colors, like deep reds, tend to close in a space and make it feel more intimate. So in the case of the small kitchen, cool tones will automatically open up the space and make it feel light and airy.

The Accent Wall

Use one neutral color option for your cabinets, hardware and appliances – continue the look by painting the walls the same color for a complete cohesive look. But, if you are going with open shelves, consider making the wall behind the shelf the accent wall while leaving the rest of the kitchen neutral. This will provide balance in the space and a color pop. Or try wallpaper to create a single accent wall. In the last few years, wallpaper has made a serious comeback and is available in many colors, patterns and styles. And for eco-friendly, zero or low VOC paint for your kitchen, consider using Sherwin-Williams Harmony, Yolo Colorhouse, Benjamin Moore Aura or Home Depot’s Freshaire Choice.

Kitchen Ceilings and Floors

Don’t forget the ceiling and floor when planning your space. Small kitchens can really benefit from adding a few extra touches up high or down low. Keep the floor in your design aesthetic by adding a rug or floor covering to provide texture and color. Add dimension to the ceiling with lighting. Besides adding style and personality, it will draw the eye up adding vertical depth. Keep the ceiling white or a light color so the eye will continue moving up.

Kitchen Design Statement – Your Luxury Item

Add a splash of luxury or shine. While many homeowners are being thoughtful about saving money these days, it’s definitely possible to add a little bit of affordable luxury into your kitchen. Instead of planning for an often-expensive marble countertop, go with a more affordable natural stone and draw the eye up with a sparkling vintage chandelier. If you love the look of a stamped copper sink but don’t love the price tag, add a copper-tile backsplash. Small, yet affordable, details work big in small spaces.

Sources: Small Space Kitchen Design Suggestions from HGTV.

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Types Of Kitchen Cabinet

October 5, 2012

Kitchen Cabinet

When choosing kitchen cabinets for a new home or remodeling project, we recommend that you start with cabinet type. While the colors, doors and materials will drive the kitchen’s style, the type of cabinetry will determine not only the budget but also how well your space is used.

First decision: Stock, Semi-custom, or Custom cabinets.

Typically, stock cabinets offer the fewest options at the lowest prices in the shortest amount of time, with custom kitchen cabinets at the opposite end of the spectrum and semi-custom cabinets falling in the middle. Over the last decade or so, however, the style and accessory options offered by stock and semi-custom cabinet lines have expanded to the point where it’s possible to achieve an attractive, personalized kitchen in any of the three choices.

Still, if you’re looking to save money and to get the job going quickly, stock cabinets are your best bet. If you have a small kitchen and don’t want to waste space on fillers, the greater range of sizes and storage accessories available in semi-custom might be a better fit. And if the cabinet finish or doors have to match a piece of heirloom furniture, you’ll need custom cabinetry.

Second decision: framed or frameless cabinets.

Looks-wise, framed or face-frame cabinetry is more traditional than frameless. Frameless cabinets have the advantage of more interior storage space, but the disadvantage of being more difficult, and therefore more expensive, to install.

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