U-Shaped Kitchen with Island

February 14, 2015

U-Shaped Kitchen with Island

U-shaped kitchen layout with island in the center of kitchen. The cabinets door surface is made with 3G glass.  U-shape kitchen layout gives us maximum space and plenty of storage options, ensuring that everything is within easy reach. Kitchen Island is an additional work station and storage cabinets. Islands tend to work best in u-shaped kitchens with large enough kitchen space.

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Black and White Kitchen with 3G Class

February 7, 2015

Black And White Kitchen with 3G Glass

Above pictures is a small L-Shaped Black & White Kitchen Cabinet, the contrast color of this design has made the kitchen look clean and clear, feel harmony. The material of wall cabinet door is 3G class. This kitchen design is suitable for terrace house, semi-D, big size condominium in Kuala Lumpur.

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Source: Black And White Kitchen

Kitchen Design Ideas – White Kitchen with U-Shaped Layout

January 17, 2015

White Kitchen with U-shaped Layout

Above kitchen design is suitable for Terrace House or Condominium with the kitchen space connected with living room. This is a medium size kitchen for user who look for high quality cabinetry and temperament design.

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Kitchen Design Ideas – Kitchen Design for Open Kitchen Space

January 10, 2015

U-Shaped Kitchen Design for Open Kitchen Space

Above kitchen design is an U-Shaped kitchen layout. This design is suitable for open kitchen space, the kitchen space and living room are connected to each others. House space in Kuala Lumpur (or Klang Valley) is very expensive, cost per square feet is estimated more than RM500. Majority of the living space design with open kitchen concept, above kitchen design is suitable for it.

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 Picture source: www.pinterest.com/pin/210472982560709332/

Kitchen Design Idea – Gray Kitchen for A Narrow Kitchen Space

January 3, 2015

Kitchen Design Idea - Gray Kitchen for the Narrow Kitchen Space

Above kitchen is a gray and white kitchen design for a narrow kitchen space. This design suitable for terrace house or condominiums in Kuala Lumpur with limited kitchen space.

Please visit Kitchen Design Ideas for more idea of the kitchen design for your dream kitchen.

Picture Source: www.pinterest.com/pin/210472982560722605/ (by NKBA)

Blue and White U-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet

June 4, 2013

U-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet

Above U-shaped kitchen cabinet is formed from a L-shaped kitchen with an extra kitchen cabinet at the end of “L”.

This U-shaped kitchen is suitable for condominium and terrace house with middle size of kitchen space. U-shaped kitchen layout is an efficient kitchen designed for one primary cook. Blue and white colour of the kitchen cabinet let us feel bright and calm.

Benefits of this U-shaped kitchen as following;

  1. Efficient for a small, medium or large kitchen space.
  2. Can easily divide the kitchen into multiple work sites.
  3. No through traffic to disrupt work zones.

Source: U-shaped Kitchen Cabinet form isd-kitchencabinet.com

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L-Shaped Kitchen Design with Island

June 4, 2013

Kitchen Cabinet

L-Shaped kitchen cabinet design with a island, above kitchen cabinet design is quite big, this kitchen design is suitable only for semi detached house (Semi-D) and bungalow house with a big kitchen space.

This l-shaped kitchen layout with island is perfect for multiple-chef cooking, entertaining, or for making lunch or dinner while the kids sit at the island and get help with their homework.

The quantity of the kitchen cabinets has formed a big storage space. If storage is what you’re looking for your kitchen, the L-shaped kitchen can be the best option for the maximum amount of wall cabinets.

This l-shaped kitchen design is suitable for big family (6-12 persons), with cooking activity is a every activity. This design also fulfill the need to the housewife like to cook.

Source: L-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet Design with a Island form http://www.isd-kitchencabinet.com


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