Small Kitchen Design Malaysia

September 22, 2012
Small Kitchen Design

Small Kitchen Design

The value of the space in Kuala Lumpur is become expensive since 2009, the design and size of the condominium in KL is smaller compare 5 years ago,  the selling price between RM 300,000 to RM 500,000 per unit. The size of the condominium in Kuala Lumpur is about 600-1,100 sq ft.

Kitchen cabinet designer need to overcome their challenge to  design a functional and stylist kitchen with limited space for the small condominium. Above small kitchen design is a galley or one wall kitchen layout design, this is a simple design with put the cooktop, washing area (sink), food preparation area, storage cabinets and microwave in a line. This design suitable for small family with 2-4 persons, with both husband and wife are working. The one wall kitchen ayout design suitable for them to prepare simple food with limited of time. With this small kitchen design, you need to look for other space for your refrigerator.

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Kitchen Color Trend 2012 – Saturated Neutrals

September 22, 2012

The light grays of 2011become charcoal, perfect for an unexpected wall color, such as in this kitchen, or a deep appliance finish. A gray mosaic tile wall offers a subtle transition to the  room’s white cabinetry. Used in this wall and floor stone application, the dark charcoal tone creates a dramatic impact.

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Kitchen Color Trend 2012 – Fresh Greens

September 22, 2012

With the continued emphasis on sustainable living and farm-to-table culture, green has remained on the forefront of design in one shade or another for the past several years. 2012 sees green take a particularly fresh and bright tone, bringing the lushness of budding nature into our homes.

This vibrant green effuses the most joy of its shade. Used unexpectedly but effectively on cabinets, the color echoes the kitchen’s lush mountainside view.


Kitchen Color Trend 2012 – A Burst of Berry

September 22, 2012

Combine the brightness of last year’s popular hot pink with the depth of another 2011 trend, burgundy, and we see juicier tones in 2012.  From blushing reds to deep berries, saturated warm tones of red and pink will permeate palettes this year.

Dripping with color, this berry accent wall simultaneously offers a bold swathe of color and livens up this room. White painted cabinets keep this room’s look light while textile accents carry the rich berry theme.


Kitchen Color Trend 2012 – Red Oranges

September 22, 2012

Hues heat up in 2012 with a move toward deeply saturated tangerines and oranges. Orange has been on the fringe of past popular shades, but its juicy hues burst to the forefront of trends this year. This color turns playful in reddish orange hues that liven up spaces and our lives.


Storage Solution for Your Kitchen

September 22, 2012

1. Wall Organizer

Wall Organizer

There’s no need to hide all of your stuff behind cabinet doors. If you have the organization you love, you can flaunt it too. The onWall organizer from SieMatic provides space to store your kitchen utensils while also providing aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re stashing your spices, cutting board or cleaning utensils, or even displaying a plant or vase, the onWall system comes with a variety of accessories to fit your needs.

2. Stemware Holder


If you’re without a china cabinet for displaying your stemware, there’s still no reason not to store them safely. This in-cabinet stemware holder made by Rev-a-Shelf for Armstrong makes use of your cabinets by making use of the unused upper part of the cabinet box.  The 11-inch-deep stemware holder comes in satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, chrome and brass finishes and in both a single-row or four-row design.

3. Waste Bin Pull-Out

While storing your waste receptacle under your countertop might be a no-brainer, the difficulty of opening your cabinet doors while balancing an arm’s load of trash can prove to be a mess. Fortunately, with the Blum SERVO-DRIVE waste bin system, your kitchen benefits from handy waste storage while keeping things simple with the unique SERVO-DRIVE drawer opening system. With a simple touch of the drawer front, this waste cabinet opens so you can dump your trash even if your arms are full.

4. Backsplash Accessories

Accessories on backsplashes, such as the 9-inch shelf over this Electrolux Icon Professional range—help keep everything you need for cooking close at hand while keeping things orderly. A potfiller over the cooktop does it part to make life easier by eliminating the chore of hauling heavy pots and pans from the sink to the range.

5. Pull-Out Pantry Rack


With its multiple storage racks and sleek design, this pull-out pantry offers up plenty of space for cereal, soup and more. The pantry’s mechanized pull-out system also helps the unit close smoothly and safely. The rack automatically slides shut for the last 2 inches, protecting fingers from pinching and ensuring no banging doors.

6. Under-Sink Storage



7. Cabinet Organizing Drawer



When it comes to sorting out your cabinets, organizers like this drawer from simplehuman lay a foundation for storage sanity. Available in three different sizes—9, 14 and 20-inch widths, each model comes with a pre-welded ball bearing track and hardware for easy installation vertically or horizontally. A removable plastic drip guard protects cabinet interiors from spills and leaks. The 14-inch unit shown above includes a removable storage caddy to allow for items to be easily toted.


8. Range Hood Storage


Created by designer Fu-Tung Cheng, the Cache hood from Zephyr features a spacious storage compartment that hides behind the hood’s front panel. Besides space for herbs, spices and other cooking needs, the hood also includes a utensil rail for hanging spoons and spatulas. With a hand-burnished stainless steel finish, the Cache hood is available in 30-, 36- and 48-inch widths.

9. Cookware Organizer


With its two independent operating shelves and adjustable dividers, this cookware organizer from Rev-a-Shelf accommodates everything from the saucepan lid to the oversized wok. Designed for base cabinets, the ball-bearing slides and chrome-plated wire frame can accommodate up to 100 pounds of heavy-duty pots and pans.

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