Kitchen Work Triangles

Efficiency of a kitchen is the kitchen work triangle’s main goal, as it keeps all the major work stations near the cook, without placing them as close that the kitchen becomes cramped. The kitchen work triangle is also designed to minimize traffic within the kitchen so the cook isn’t interrupted or interfered with. Kitchen work triangle represents the three points of the kitchen work station. If you place these work station too far away from each other you waste a lot of steps while preparing a meal. If they are too close to each other you have a cramped kitchen without any place to work.

Kitchen Work Triangle

Kitchen Work Triangle

There is some debate among professional kitchen designer concerning the traditional concept of kitchen work triangle. Although most of the professional kitchen designers agree kitchen work triangle is still an important element in kitchen design, may see the triangular space evolving as work movement, cooking habits and lifestyles change. Majority kitchen designers feel that the more actual living done in the kitchen, the more expanded the basic kitchen work triangle will have to become and kitchen grow larger, which appears to be the trend they will embrace an increasing number of activities. Kitchens have become more modern and multifunctional, the kitchen work triangle has had to adapt. This will result in the need for several autonomous triangles within the room. We maybe need to plan a kitchen design for two or more cook, include an island with extra sink and cook top and create multiple kitchen work triangles in kitchen design.



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