Fresh Ideas For a Kitchen Work Triangle

October 25, 2010


Kitchen Work Triangle

Kitchen Work Triangle

A good  kitchen work triangle depends on the size and shape of our kitchen. We can either choose a classic kitchen work triangle or a modern kitchen work triangle according to the design and requirement of our kitchen. We may have different type of  appliances in our kitchen, but there proper placement and arrangement  is very important. A good kitchen work triangle helps to create a proper layout where we can prepare our meals to our family.

If we have a large kitchen then we can even add a dining table in it where meals can be served to our family members or guests.  Following is some ideas of a good kitchen work triangle.

1. Arrangement of items
A properly arranged kitchen can really impress all our visitors and guests. A good kitchen work triangle is crucial for the kitchen but proper arrangement of essential of kitchen appliances is even more important. An ideal place for your refrigerator is next to the door. A sink is often placed under the window because it makes the kitchen look bright and attractive. A kitchen island is a very good option because it really gives you additional space.

2. Shape of your kitchen
Kitchen layout depends a lot on the shape and size of the kitchen. In these modern days, the L-shape, G-shape, U-shape and galley kitchen layouts are very popular. Different layouts have their own advatages  and weakness, drawbacks the L- shape kitchen layout  is very appropriate for huge kitchens because in this design you can also include a dining table and a island in between the counter space. The galley kitchen layout is suitable for small kitchens because it has two parallel walls where your appliances, cabinets and counters are arranged.

3. Kitchen zones
Work center and kitchen work zones are very important  for dividing our kitchen properly. Different zones are allotted according to our needs;

  • Food preparation center is a unit in which you make all the preparation for your food items. Even the sink or the cleaning area is included in this zone only.
  • The cooking center includes all your cooking appliances, stove and utensils.
  • Clean-up center mainly includes your sink and dishwasher.
  • Your Snack center includes your microwave, toaster, coffee machine, beverages and the fridge area.
  • The Baking center includes your cooking sheet, microwave and the mixer.
  • Eating area includes your dining area where meals are served. Your dishes, condiments and napkins are also kept in this area