Kitchen Design Color Trend 2010

Creamy Neutrals -Distressed White Cabinetry

An uncertain housing market and desire for stability has brought a family of neutrals to the forefront of kitchen color trends for 2010. This kitchen from Plain & Fancy adds the personal style of a distressed finish to the simplicity of white cabinetry.

Creamy Neutrals – Mixed Neutral Materials

Whether you are hoping to sell your home with a classic color palette or refresh your kitchen’s look, these creamy neutrals can be applied to almost any surface in the kitchen. From a marble countertop to milky cabinetry to stone flooring, the neutrals of this kitchen complement one another for a fresh look.

Veiled Violets – Lavender and Gray

While bolder violet appeared on accents last year, its subdued shades emerge as a color trend in 2010. Paired with gray and stainless steel accents in this kitchen, this light violet provides a cheery wall color. Pink cookware provides a playful pop of color.

A Gamut of Grays – Chrome Countertop

Whether used in light tints or dark shades, gray expands its influence in the home this year and continues its popularity as a neutral color. This chrome countertop includes metallic flecks and a glossy sheen to add texture to this shade.

A Gamut of Grays – Slate Colored Tile

Colors found in minerals and in industry influence the wide range of gray tones, from pewter to weathered iron. Applied on this backsplash, this tile evokes the sensibility of slate with its medium-dark gray tones.

Pale & Punchy Greens – Spring Green Walls

Applied on a backsplash, this yellow-green suggests eternal spring and optimism for new beginnings. This glass backsplash creates a glossy texture that lends itself to the brightness of this hue.

Pale & Punchy Greens – Bright Green Cabinetry

Brighter shades of green offer a vibrant pop of energy and hope. This new popular shade evolved from last year’s glowing yellows and offers versatile treatments. In this kitchen, a grassy green tone creates a bold contrast to its surrounding white and wood neutrals.

Bold Turquoise – Blue-Green Appliances

While you can expect to see this bold hue applied in tabletop settings and other smaller accents, appliances finished in this hue will fit the bill for the especially daring. A snappy turquoise finish, this laundry pair makes a regular old appliance anything but ordinary.

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