Kitchen Design Ideas

October 23, 2009

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas

The best kitchen design ideas are laid out with work zones in mind. Using what’s called “kitchen work triangle,” kitchen designers place everything from ovens and cooktops to sinks and refrigerators — as well as the cabinets themselves — within various zones. Rules of thumb for the basic work triangle are as follows:

  • No one side of the triangle should be greater than nine feet or less than four feet.
  • The triangle should not be interrupted by traffic or cabinetry.
  • The perimeter of the triangle should measure no more than 26 feet and no less than 12 feet.

Food  – This zone contains all of our basic food items, including dry goods, canned goods , perishables, refrigerated foods and bulk storage. In our kitchen design ideas, food zone should be placed near the Preparation and Cooking zones, and should be easily accessible for unloading groceries.

Tableware – This zone is used to store dishes, stemware, serving pieces, glasses, silverware and other items that we use in our daily kitchen work. A good kitchen design ideas, this zone should be planned so that it is easily accessible from the eating area as well as the Cleanup zone.

Preparation – This is the main work zone in our kitchen. Preparation zone will contain work knives, food processor, utensils, mixing bowls and other small appliances. A good kitchen design ideas, preparation zone should be designed in proximity to the Cooking and Cleanup zones. This area will gain efficiency and practicality from effective kitchen design ideas, like base pots and pans cabinets with adjustable drawer dividers, floating island base cabinets, cutting canters, tambour storage, utensil ensembles and much more.

Cooking – In kitchen design ideas, this zone will include your cooktop, ovens and microwave. It will also contain your cookware, bakeware and cooking utensils, as well as your spices and cooking oils. This zone is the true focal point of our kitchen layout of kitchen design ideas. And you can keep the focus on efficiency with an effective kitchen design ideas, like a base cooking center, roll-out trays, spice racks, tray dividers and microwave cabinets.

Clean Up – The Cleanup zone is another area that can define our kitchen layout of kitchen design ideas because it most likely will be dictated by plumbing access or the placement of your dishwasher and windows. This zone contains your sink and dishwasher, trash and recycling bins, cleaning tools and cleaning supplies. Make your Cleanup zone more efficient with an effective kitchen design ideas, like a sink base door storage cabinet, pull-out wastebaskets and more.


Kitchen Cabinets Design

October 6, 2009

Kitchen Cabinet Design

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The typical kitchen is defined by kitchen cabinets design, the configuration of the kitchen cabinets design creates the workstation and determines the traffic flow of the kitchen, the features of the kitchen cabinets design introduce functionality and storage, and the styles of the kitchen cabinets design sets the view and tone for the entire kitchen. Effective kitchen cabinet design is also important if you want to get the most storage use possible out of your available storage space, and this should also be the goal in the design of any kitchen.

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