Kitchen Cabinet (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Door Styles

In design of Kitchen Cabinet,  we will need to consider different kitchen cabinet door shapes and styles. Kitchen cabinet designer or manufacturer may offer hundreds of door styles in an endless array of finishes. If your kitchen has a minimal stainless steel look, consider a slab door. If ornate details cover your kitchen, take a look at a raised cathedral panel to complement this style.

Your options for cabinet door style include:

If we  like clean lines, a slab door may be the good choice. A flat door that essentially looks like a slab of wood, metal or other material, these doors eschew panels.

Raised Panel

A panel, usually made by joining pieces of solid stock lumber with adhesive, is secured to the door’s frame.  A routed edge profile tends to give the door a more elegant appearance.

Recessed Panel
The recessed panel door is a flat panel affixed inside a frame constructed with miter or mortise and tenon joints. The resulting appearance has a picture frame-type look and a simpler.

Curved Panel
The top portion of this door’s decorative panel curves upward in a gentle arch. The panel itself is generally raised.

Cathedral Panel
A cathedral-type arch is incorporated into the upper rail of this raised or recessed panel.

Beadboard Panel
Typically found in a recessed panel, beadboard uses routed beaded details to create a casual country style.

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